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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the internal temperature sensor reaches or exceeds the stated 212°F (100°C) maximum specification?

Safety has been our #1 priority from day 1! The sensor maximum temperature of 212°F (100°C) is based on practical cooking temperatures. We designed and chose components for the MEATER probe that can withstand temperatures higher than 212°F (100°C) to allow your smoked meats to hold @ 205°F (96°C). Should at any point, the MEATER probe begin to reach its true maximum temperature, the MEATER app will warn the user and send notifications to all connected smartphones and MEATER Block (if you have one).

Also remember, your meat is completely ruined when it goes beyond 212°F (100°C). It means there is no moisture left at all. It is actually very difficult to do this as temperature tends to stall before the meat becomes completely dry and the temperature starts to rise again.

What happens when the ambient temperature sensor reaches or exceeds the stated 527°F (275°C) maximum specification? Can the probe handle higher temperatures such as flare- ups?

Like the internal temperature sensor, the components used for the ambient temperature sensor can withstand temperatures higher than what is stated for safety reasons. One of the motivations behind MEATER was when we accidentally burned the wires of current solutions due to flare ups!

The shaft of the MEATER probe is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of ceramic that can withstand very high temperatures. We ensure high heat searing of your steaks will not be a problem.

And if you are worried about your meat, you can set a MEATER app notification if the ambient sensor detects a significant change in temperature (e.g. flare-up, etc.).

Will MEATER’s wireless Bluetooth range of 33ft. (10m) reduce when the MEATER probe is placed inside an oven/grill/smoker?

Bluetooth wireless range varies by type of smartphone used and the type of oven, BBQ, smoker, and obstacles in between. Based on our testing, we feel comfortable with the claimed 33ft. (10m) BLE range. It possibly could be more, but we can’t guarantee ranges due to said variables.

We too have needed extended wireless range due to our cooking set up. We knew we had to develop MEATER Link and MEATER Cloud to extend wireless range beyond 33ft. (10m). We built the MEATER Block specifically to give you this capability and keep you connected to your MEATER probes wherever you go.

Aren't BBQ grills, smokers, and ovens essentially "Faraday Cages" that would significantly reduce the wireless range of the MEATER probe?

In theory, a “Faraday Cage” will block RF signals from entering and exiting the cage. The good news is that BBQ grills, smokers, and ovens are not built or designed to be “Faraday Cages.”

A good “Faraday Cage” has no gaps, slots, and holes; Are usually made of thick conductive material and designed with as little individual parts/pieces as possible (i.e. every joining edge or corner between materials are spot welded, etc.).

In reality BBQ grills, smokers, and ovens are anything but a “Faraday Cage.” They have plenty of large air vents and gaps. If air and smoke can enter or exit your BBQ grill, smoker, and oven, then it’ll be easy for 2.4GHz radio frequency to enter and exit through the same gaps and holes.

Also, there are a few MEATER backers in the comments section who did their own testing using a Bluetooth speaker to test the effect of their BBQ grill on Bluetooth signal range. They too have found that it made no noticeable difference.

Does the MEATER app support °C/°F temperature scale?

Yes! The MEATER app will automatically set the correct temperature scale based on your geographic region. But you can also change it to your preference in the settings menu.

What is the warranty for the MEATER product?

MEATER will come with a 1 year limited warranty.

Can the MEATER app support Windows platform?

We are considering Windows platform support after we finish development of the iOS and Android apps. We could add it as a stretch goal later on (to accelerate development) if there are more users needing support.

How thick is the MEATER probe?

One of the biggest challenges in developing MEATER was miniaturizing the electrical components to make the probe as thin as possible. The latest breakthroughs in battery technology and manufacturing processes has allowed us to build the MEATER probe with a 0.23″ (6mm) diameter. We were able to squeeze all the electrical components into a probe size similar to your household mechanical meat thermometer.

How can you identify each MEATER probe when using multiple probes at once?

MEATER probes will have embossed handles with unique identifiers. For example, each probe will have 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the handle that corresponds to the number on the MEATER app. We will finalize the design soon and let our backers know of the update.

Can you select a custom target temperature?

Yes! Both the internal and external temperature sensor notifications can be customized with peak, drop, and range temperature settings.

What happens when you lose connection to the MEATER probe?

The MEATER app will send a notification once you are out of range of the MEATER probe. When you are back in range, it will automatically reconnect and update the MEATER app with the latest information. We recommend the MEATER Block if you need extended wireless range.

How do I clean the Meater probe? Is it dishwasher safe?

The MEATER probe was designed to be water resistant so you don’t need to worry about spills or rinsing it under running water. However we do not advise putting it in the dishwasher. We recommend to clean MEATER probes by hand, the same way you would a kitchen knife.

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